Money making ideas from your billboard

Here are 3 money making ideas from your Billboard.

1. Create a unique spin offering something no one else does. You should have a clear simple message and spend time building a strong brand. It should communicate what is different about your company (statements such as good customer service or great prices are things the customer already expects and therefore not unique.)
A unique quality could be something like:
“All you can eat chicken wings – free with every meal”
“We walk your dog while you a shop at our store…  “
or  “Buy your kitchen cabinets from us and we will completely repaint your kitchen for  free”

2. Reach as many people as possible at the lowest cost/impression. The most important element of an ad campaign is to use the power of numbers reaching the greatest number of people at the lowest possible cost. In the Central Okanagan part of British Columbia for example, a well located billboard can reach over 100,000 viewers in a single day for less than 25 bucks. You will not find that exposure in any other ad medium. We are talking about the impact of a 24 foot wide sign, not a classified ad in the newspaper.

3. Use a Billboard to drive consumers to your website. Do not clutter your billboard with detail. The billboards’ primary purpose is to motivate the customer to contact you. Let your website or salesperson do the selling. The billboard should assure that they remember your web address and your name. The customer must be able to easily find you by remembering your website address or by doing a Google search with your name alone.
I was recently trying to reach another billboard company that operates in Western Canada. Their name is clearly posted on the bottom of their signs in other provinces. After much effort I was unable to locate them by doing a Google search . I wonder how their sales performance is?

Read more about these and other advantages of billboard advertising at

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By Jim Wannop


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