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The Street is your Canvas

BCbillboards offers businesses an opportunity to use the street as an advertising canvas. There is no better advertising option than billboards, with an ability to make an impact while creating a memorable statement for your business, at the best cost. Kelowna, B.C. is a city which is quickly growing in population and in business development, which means a greater audience with breakthrough opportunities for your business through powerful means of advertising. BCbillboards leads the way to advertising in the right places with branding advice, campaign strategy, and superior ad design. BCbillboards has been a leader in helping local businesses in the Okanagan design bold images that produce results.

Design in advertising begins with contacting BCbillboards with your business campaign. BCbillboards has many years of experience designing billboards, and will help you create the campaign you want, with results you need, and the bold, fresh, progressive design criteria that will attract undeniable attention.

Billboards have come a long way from the expensive paint, vinyl decals, and lettering that was once the common practice of creating billboards. Now, we have the capability to do be more creative, to be smarter with advertising, than ever before. We can add photos and artwork, we can change text and colour and size by a pressing key on a computer. We can contain any graphic we want and display it, in Kelowna, to over 100,000 views a day. Let us help you design your canvas.

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Make a Statement

Not all billboards within the Kelowna area need to be used for advertising products and services, there are many options within the use of a billboard. Many non-profit organizations have created billboard statements around the world, college students in the US have helped raise awareness to issues such as poverty, racism etc, creating a thought provoking statement as a use of free speech.  Making a statement that billboards could and should also be used to help bring awareness to important issues around the globe is a point that has been made throughout the world, and also within Kelowna and the surrounding Okanagan.

BCbillboards are a powerful medium, full of potential, and have the advantage of reaching thousands of people in a short period of time, therefore they can be used in an assortment of ways. Billboards can be used for social media purposes, bringing traffic to websites; they can bring attention to environmental concerns, as well as being a means to promote art and artistic purposes; they can be used to attract attention to a cause, to promote an idea, or to just represent a thought. BCbillboards will help you get there, and can provide the means to so much expressive potential.

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The Power of Billboards and Your Website

Today, the most powerful medium for attaining or dispensing information is through the internet. Today:s generation has been brought up on it, previous generations are just as skilled and apt at weaving their way through it, and the upcoming generation will make its’ claim on it through every sort of device imaginable. At your every reach there is a possibility of connecting to what is right in front of you, or what is thousands of miles away. It has become our home base, our place of community, knowledge, and freedom. And when it is also our place of business, the need to inspire traffic to our business website is undeniable.

Web traffic to your site is crucial to your business prospering in this day and age, you need it to grow, to develop, to stay afloat within the world of technologically fuelled success. Finding new ways to reach millions of people very quickly, has been the business of billboard advertising for decades. Now, with the internet, billboards make it even easier to get the traffic you need to your website.

One of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website is through billboard advertising. It takes but a moment for someone to register a website address, in fact, it is what your customers will look for. Driving, biking, or walking past a billboard with a catchy look and a website address will be successful in branding your business in the most simple, yet effective way.

Kelowna, and the Okanagan in general, has a strong business community. We strive to enhance our community with a prevailing sense of local support. Placing a billboard through within the Kelowna area will bring not only more support to your business, but will also drive the community-minded customers to your website. Making a statement by proclaiming a simple web address for a local business can make all the difference to your success.

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