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Billboards for Small Business

If you want to grow your customer base and build your brand as quickly as possible, one of the best options for small business owners is advertising on billboards. Building your brand is of utmost importance  when trying to start up a new business and gain clientele. When your small business is trying to reach your target market effectively, and in the most cost-efficient way, advertising can be a game of guessing who your brand has reached and how to measure your impact. With billboard advertising you can be sure of the high-impact of views your brand will receive – due to traffic counts and the placement of BCbillboards, your brand will receive the attention it needs.  The cost of billboard advertising in the Okanagan is one of the best advertising deals anywhere. With the large and constant audience a billboard receives, you will be sure that your small business will be getting the attention it deserves. The more visibility, the better; and high traffic counts in key locations will ensure high visibility and maximum exposure.

To attract new customers and focus on your market, you need to create a campaign that is effective and eye-catching. will help you create the advertising campaign that will get you to the next level of success in your business. Creating impressions in the mind of the public is what will link your customers to your business. Outdoor billboards provide this opportunity for building your brand and expanding your clientele throughout the Okanagan, South Okanagan, and beyond. Summer is the perfect time to start your brand building campaign because as the traffic soars your advertising impact increases. By advertising with billboards now, you will further the progress of your small business quicker and more effectively than using any other means of large scale advertising.

Contact us at to get help with branding and be on your way to a successful small business.


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Summer and High Traffic Benefits

Summer will be upon us before we know it here in the Okanagan Valley. With thousands of drivers on the roads it makes for one of the highest viewing times of the year. Vacationing throughout the Okanagan, including: South OK, Penticton and area, and through the popular destination of Kelowna with it’s increased summer population – billboard viewing is at it’s finest. This is quality time for building your brand and claiming the undivided attention of travellers, attracting the greatest number of impressions, and increasing the traffic past your billboard with the constant onset of summer holiday-goers. Placement of your billboard with BC billboards will occur on some of the busiest highways in BC, reaching travellers throughout the Okanagan; including the pristine highways around Osoyoos and Oliver, Hwy 97, and Hwy 3. Your advertising will stand out to RV enthusiasts, families, business travellers, and those travelling on summer vacation. With an effective advertising campaign that will be designed with your needs and business growth in mind, the possibilities are endless.

Helping you achieve a successful business campaign during the busy summer months of travel is of utmost priority to us at BCbillboards, taking advantage of the far reaching opportunity of summer travel is your gain. The power of a creatively constructed billboard, ideal highway placement, and high circulation is a recipe for continuous public awareness of your brand or cause – bringing you what you need for the advancement you want.

Adding to the high density of views during the summer months, is the beneficial attraction of creatively composed  billboard ads. Everyone has fun and sun on their minds during the summer months and when an ad materializes these thoughts back to the viewer, it has an added beneficial impact. By bringing inspiration to a summer day, your ad campaign can take advantage of the summer loving focus – through images and ads that promote and attract the spirit of Summer. Reflecting the desires of the public in your ad campaign is what BCbillboards will help you achieve. In turn, your billboard advertising will stand out in the crowd with a bold and effective message.

Contact BCbillboards and we will help drive your successful summer ad campaign.


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Billboards and Social Media

Marketing with billboards is a diverse, powerful, and versatile means to advertise and build your company brand. Now, more than ever, there are limitless possibilities to bring traffic to your place of business – including your website or social media page. Most businesses and causes within the Okanagan have a website and a social media page to compliment their business growth; marketing these online sources is easy to do with a BC billboard campaign.

Connecting with consumers can be a challenge when you only have a few seconds to grab their attention with an informative billboard for your ad campaign. A web address is quickly becoming one of the easiest ways for a customer to contact your business; therefore, outdoor billboards partnered with a website is a surefire way to increase traffic to your site and business. Website addresses are often easy to remember and simple for the driver passing your billboard to access for later.

Engaging consumers by providing them with the means to remember your ad campaign and your name is vital to the growth of your social media campaign as well. The social media sites that power your business are fuelled by the online traffic brought to your website or page by the  search for your business – it’s a circle of connection – one aspect powering the other – bringing you and your business the benefits of your brand being recognized and easily found within the online community. Driving past a billboard and seeing a clearly defined website address is a precursor to being able to search the name and find the website and social media pages. This action on the part of the linked-in consumer brings views from thousands of secondary consumers, and generates hits for your online campaigns. It is a powerful, yet simple step to take in the modern way of building a brand and attracting attention to your unique business.

Businesses widely spread throughout the Okanagan have benefited from this diverse creation of opportunity – marketing their websites on popular highways through Kelowna, Osoyoos, and Enderby; and throughout the beautiful cities of Pentiction, Oliver, and West Kelowna. Representing your business with a BC billboards ad campaign is deciding to put the wheels in motion for building your brand and taking advantage of the connectedness of the new world of social media and technology gains.

Contact and get started on driving traffic to your online source today.

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Comparing the Cost of Billboard Advertising

In the Okanagan, BC, there are an average of 75000 motorists viewing a billboard on Hwy 97 daily. That means there are over 2 million views in a month and in the summer months this number increases significantly. While comparing costs of billboard advertising in the Okanagan with other forms of advertising such as TV (CHBC), Radio, Daily Courier, or Castanet, it is easy to see that this form of marketing greatly outshines these other means of advertising. Advertising on billboards provides a very high number of potential customers a means to find your business easily. Billboards are not turned off, they remain a constant reminder of a very effective ad campaign – reaching motorists driving to work and back every day along the same stretch of highway. Using billboards for building your brand and advertising is a powerful way to build a continuous public awareness of your brand; this is one of the keys to building a successful business.

Currently, a fixed billboard, costing under $200 a week, will give you almost 600,000 consistent views in that time – compared with a 30 second ad on TV, at the cost of $300 a week, which will bring you just under 97,000 views. Outdoor media reaches more people per ad dollar spent than any other media. Highway billboards in the Okanagan along Hwy 97, Hwy 3, and through the beautiful cities of the Southern Okanagan, are travelled by: motorists on business, holiday-goers on vacation, travellers, and locals who take advantage of our fantastic highways. The highways are vibrant and ecologically diverse sections driven by millions of consumers every month. This translates into knowable results for the profit of your business and the proof that your billboard ad campaign is reaching far more consumers than with any other marketing strategy available in the Okanagan, BC.

Contact to find the best deal for your billboard advertising campaign.

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Benefits of Billboard Advertising in the Okanagan

Considering the limitless possibilities for advertising with billboards, the low cost, and the high impact of viewings, you couldn’t choose a more beneficial means of advertising than with an outdoor billboard placed in just the right location. There are many benefits to choosing to advertise with billboards in BC, one of these being the huge impact your brand campaign will achieve through billboard advertising. With experts in the field designing and planning your brand campaign, the team at BCbillboards will create a billboard design that will attract and connect your business with the consumers you need. BCbillboards creates billboards throughout the Okanagan, placing them on busy highways such as Highway 97 and Highway 3, from Enderby to the South Okanagan. We offer effective, to-the-point billboard advertising; engaging passers-by,  giving them a good reason to take a second look, to pay attention to the billboard displayed website, or to just attract constant and measurable attention to your business brand or cause.

The huge impact that a billboard can make on the roads of the Okanagan can greatly affect the prosperity of your business, online and on location. With bold, bright colours and imagery, your billboard will be a powerful medium for your brand building campaign, helping bring public awareness and repeat exposure to your brand. This will drive consumers to recognize your brand, and in turn bring success to your business. Knowing your target audience, you can be in their line of sight everyday while they retrace their route along the same stretch of highway consistently. Your image and unique brand will stand out and will give your audience a direct line to reaching you. BCbillboards offers assistance with branding advice, campaign strategy, and superior ad design. We will give you everything you need and should expect from a full service outdoor billboard company, including prime billboard placement, with the most high-impact, cost-effective medium for campaign strategy.

Contact BCbillboards today to talk to experts about creating a superior ad campaign.


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Building your Brand

Your personal brand is how consumers recognize you, it will bring customers to you, and it will remind them of your products. Your brand is who you are, what you stand for, and what you will be known for. Therefore, the process by which you build your brand and make it yours – it is extremely crucial to make it the heart and soul of what your business stands for. From the imagery and logo design to the tagline, BCbillboards will help you with your branding – building a creative and strategic brand that makes the difference to your business. BCbillboards will help you be in control of the impression that you make with your brand, bringing the customers that you want to your business.

BCbillboards is in the business of building public awareness for your brand, making certain that advertising with BCbillboards will increase brand recognition and brand loyalty. Our billboards are placed within high traffic areas on the highways of BC, helping you market your business in areas that are determined to be best for your brand profile – allowing for repeated exposure to your target audience. This gives the public an immediate access point to recognize and reach your business every time they connect with your brand. Billboard advertising creates the opportunities for building brand recognition with a high traffic ad campaign, designed with the needs of your customers and your business in mind.

Contact  and get the exposure you need.

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Create Impact

Within the Okanagan, BCbillboards is one of the leading billboard companies, reaching far and wide to customers from Osoyoos to Enderby, British Columbia. One of the most important aspects of creating a billboard campaign is the use of impact: making the best use of your brand by creating a unique, smart, and accessible ad campaign that stands out among competitors. Our design portfolio comprises a very diversified clientele, incorporating a wide range of designs from simple statements to bold and vibrant advertising images. Advertising on billboards creates a unique design opportunity for your brand and your business. By creating an ad campaign with an advertising company that has the experience and expertise that BCbillboards is widely known for, you can rest assured that your billboard will be created with the utmost attention to detail and professional criteria for billboard effectiveness.

Our billboard design centre outlines the exceptional criteria that we follow as part of the above par standards we aim for in billboard advertising. By creating an impact through the use of powerful billboard design techniques, we drive customers to your business by designing a billboard the public will remember. BCbillboards makes an impact throughout the Okanagan The traffic volume within key areas where our billboards are placed brings the highest impression with the lowest cost in the country. There is a high density of viewers in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton, through to Osoyoos and Enderby – making it even more important to have an effective design strategy and competitive ad campaign.

BCbillboards integrates exceptional design and knowledge with effective billboard placement throughout the Okanagan. Visit to get the most out of your billboard advertising experience.


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