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Comparing the Cost of Billboard Advertising

In the Okanagan, BC, there are an average of 75000 motorists viewing a billboard on Hwy 97 daily. That means there are over 2 million views in a month and in the summer months this number increases significantly. While comparing costs of billboard advertising in the Okanagan with other forms of advertising such as TV (CHBC), Radio, Daily Courier, or Castanet, it is easy to see that this form of marketing greatly outshines these other means of advertising. Advertising on billboards provides a very high number of potential customers a means to find your business easily. Billboards are not turned off, they remain a constant reminder of a very effective ad campaign – reaching motorists driving to work and back every day along the same stretch of highway. Using billboards for building your brand and advertising is a powerful way to build a continuous public awareness of your brand; this is one of the keys to building a successful business.

Currently, a fixed billboard, costing under $200 a week, will give you almost 600,000 consistent views in that time – compared with a 30 second ad on TV, at the cost of $300 a week, which will bring you just under 97,000 views. Outdoor media reaches more people per ad dollar spent than any other media. Highway billboards in the Okanagan along Hwy 97, Hwy 3, and through the beautiful cities of the Southern Okanagan, are travelled by: motorists on business, holiday-goers on vacation, travellers, and locals who take advantage of our fantastic highways. The highways are vibrant and ecologically diverse sections driven by millions of consumers every month. This translates into knowable results for the profit of your business and the proof that your billboard ad campaign is reaching far more consumers than with any other marketing strategy available in the Okanagan, BC.

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