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Raising the Bar for Billboard Design

The BCbillboards design centre brings professional industry standards to every billboard we create. We have the years of experience to meet and exceed the criteria of excellence that we aspire to provide to your ad campaign. When designing a billboard it is important that the design team you choose is able to meet the particular criteria to make your ad campaign experience as seamless and coherent a process as possible. There are particular guidelines to make this happen – specific billboard design rules to follow in order to make the most of your time and money.

Here are some design rules that should be followed when creating an ad campaign for your billboard:

  1. Keep the message simple
  2. Use an image or photo to extend the message you are trying to convey
  3. Use as few words as possible. Remember you have a very short time in which to capture the attention of the consumer
  4. In addition to a web address or phone number, use the text to make your name or brand dominant. Try to convey the rest of the message through your photo or image
  5. Use only professional artwork images and photos. It is easy and inexpensive to buy great photographic images on the web. Avoid using your own photos
  6. Keep all lettering at least 6 inches tall. Anything smaller cannot be read by a passing motorist
  7. If the Billboard is a long way off the highway, the lettering will need to be large
  8. Try to use primary colours that do not blend in with nature. Use contrast between your lettering and the background making it easy to read
  9. The primary or dominant image should take up two-thirds of the space. The viewers eyes will go here first and then to the name or contact information. A sign that is split in half is confusing as it lacks one dominant feature
  10. Your name must be large and easy to remember
  11. The design should convey a unique feature of your business that is a call to action. For example: “Drag, tow or bring in any car and we will give you $2500 off your next vehicle purchase”
  12. Get in your car and go find billboards that stand out. Which company names do you remember? Look at the concept and colours that they are using. Also notice what doesn’t work

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Summer and High Traffic Benefits

Summer will be upon us before we know it here in the Okanagan Valley. With thousands of drivers on the roads it makes for one of the highest viewing times of the year. Vacationing throughout the Okanagan, including: South OK, Penticton and area, and through the popular destination of Kelowna with it’s increased summer population – billboard viewing is at it’s finest. This is quality time for building your brand and claiming the undivided attention of travellers, attracting the greatest number of impressions, and increasing the traffic past your billboard with the constant onset of summer holiday-goers. Placement of your billboard with BC billboards will occur on some of the busiest highways in BC, reaching travellers throughout the Okanagan; including the pristine highways around Osoyoos and Oliver, Hwy 97, and Hwy 3. Your advertising will stand out to RV enthusiasts, families, business travellers, and those travelling on summer vacation. With an effective advertising campaign that will be designed with your needs and business growth in mind, the possibilities are endless.

Helping you achieve a successful business campaign during the busy summer months of travel is of utmost priority to us at BCbillboards, taking advantage of the far reaching opportunity of summer travel is your gain. The power of a creatively constructed billboard, ideal highway placement, and high circulation is a recipe for continuous public awareness of your brand or cause – bringing you what you need for the advancement you want.

Adding to the high density of views during the summer months, is the beneficial attraction of creatively composed  billboard ads. Everyone has fun and sun on their minds during the summer months and when an ad materializes these thoughts back to the viewer, it has an added beneficial impact. By bringing inspiration to a summer day, your ad campaign can take advantage of the summer loving focus – through images and ads that promote and attract the spirit of Summer. Reflecting the desires of the public in your ad campaign is what BCbillboards will help you achieve. In turn, your billboard advertising will stand out in the crowd with a bold and effective message.

Contact BCbillboards and we will help drive your successful summer ad campaign.


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Create Impact

Within the Okanagan, BCbillboards is one of the leading billboard companies, reaching far and wide to customers from Osoyoos to Enderby, British Columbia. One of the most important aspects of creating a billboard campaign is the use of impact: making the best use of your brand by creating a unique, smart, and accessible ad campaign that stands out among competitors. Our design portfolio comprises a very diversified clientele, incorporating a wide range of designs from simple statements to bold and vibrant advertising images. Advertising on billboards creates a unique design opportunity for your brand and your business. By creating an ad campaign with an advertising company that has the experience and expertise that BCbillboards is widely known for, you can rest assured that your billboard will be created with the utmost attention to detail and professional criteria for billboard effectiveness.

Our billboard design centre outlines the exceptional criteria that we follow as part of the above par standards we aim for in billboard advertising. By creating an impact through the use of powerful billboard design techniques, we drive customers to your business by designing a billboard the public will remember. BCbillboards makes an impact throughout the Okanagan The traffic volume within key areas where our billboards are placed brings the highest impression with the lowest cost in the country. There is a high density of viewers in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton, through to Osoyoos and Enderby – making it even more important to have an effective design strategy and competitive ad campaign.

BCbillboards integrates exceptional design and knowledge with effective billboard placement throughout the Okanagan. Visit to get the most out of your billboard advertising experience.


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Make a Statement

Not all billboards within the Kelowna area need to be used for advertising products and services, there are many options within the use of a billboard. Many non-profit organizations have created billboard statements around the world, college students in the US have helped raise awareness to issues such as poverty, racism etc, creating a thought provoking statement as a use of free speech.  Making a statement that billboards could and should also be used to help bring awareness to important issues around the globe is a point that has been made throughout the world, and also within Kelowna and the surrounding Okanagan.

BCbillboards are a powerful medium, full of potential, and have the advantage of reaching thousands of people in a short period of time, therefore they can be used in an assortment of ways. Billboards can be used for social media purposes, bringing traffic to websites; they can bring attention to environmental concerns, as well as being a means to promote art and artistic purposes; they can be used to attract attention to a cause, to promote an idea, or to just represent a thought. BCbillboards will help you get there, and can provide the means to so much expressive potential.

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Money making ideas from your billboard

Here are 3 money making ideas from your Billboard.

1. Create a unique spin offering something no one else does. You should have a clear simple message and spend time building a strong brand. It should communicate what is different about your company (statements such as good customer service or great prices are things the customer already expects and therefore not unique.)
A unique quality could be something like:
“All you can eat chicken wings – free with every meal”
“We walk your dog while you a shop at our store…  “
or  “Buy your kitchen cabinets from us and we will completely repaint your kitchen for  free”

2. Reach as many people as possible at the lowest cost/impression. The most important element of an ad campaign is to use the power of numbers reaching the greatest number of people at the lowest possible cost. In the Central Okanagan part of British Columbia for example, a well located billboard can reach over 100,000 viewers in a single day for less than 25 bucks. You will not find that exposure in any other ad medium. We are talking about the impact of a 24 foot wide sign, not a classified ad in the newspaper.

3. Use a Billboard to drive consumers to your website. Do not clutter your billboard with detail. The billboards’ primary purpose is to motivate the customer to contact you. Let your website or salesperson do the selling. The billboard should assure that they remember your web address and your name. The customer must be able to easily find you by remembering your website address or by doing a Google search with your name alone.
I was recently trying to reach another billboard company that operates in Western Canada. Their name is clearly posted on the bottom of their signs in other provinces. After much effort I was unable to locate them by doing a Google search . I wonder how their sales performance is?

Read more about these and other advantages of billboard advertising at

For more information on billboard advertising, visit our website: or call us toll free: 1-800-795-7525

By Jim Wannop

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The Advantages of Outdoor Advertising

Highway Billboards are the most highly recognized form of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising includes billboards, posters, airport ads, bus signs, mall posters, transit shelters, stadium signs, bench advertising and more.  It is estimated that there are more than 40 types.

There is no remote control to turn off a billboard. Commuters and local travelers may pass your billboard over and over again during the course of a campaign. The more often a consumer is given the opportunity to view and consider purchasing your product or service, the more likely he or she is likely to do so. Consumers usually travel the same route every day creating the opportunity for multiple viewings by your target audience.
Another advantage of billboards is that they are very large stand alone ads unlike newspaper or other media which are surrounded by editorial, photos etc.
Another major consideration in any ad campaign is cost.  According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, outdoor advertising is 80 percent less expensive than TV, 60 percent less expensive than newspapers and 50 percent less expensive than radio.
According to the Advertising Association of America 72% of those polled say they are exposed to “too much” advertising.
Television ranked highest at 83%. Internet ranked second at 73%.
In the same survey, only 26% of people said there was “too much” advertising  in Outdoor Media.

96 of Canada’s top 100 advertisers include Outdoor Advertising in their media mix.

For more information on billboard advertising, visit our website: or call us toll free: 1-800-795-7525

By Jim Wannop

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Billboards Help Advertising Get Off the Couch

We have come a long way since the first televisions were installed in nearly every home, and television ads were served up to millions of viewers from the comfort of their couches.

Savvy companies know that North America is also a mobile nation with both work and recreation activities. Advertising is moving with us, in the form of outdoor advertising mediums such as buildings, buses, and park benches. Billboard advertising has a long history dating back to the 1800’s, and today this advertising medium is still popular with outdoor advertisers from film studios to telecommunication empires to fortune five-hundred companies.

Marketing Executives such as Frank Mendicino of Alliance Films spends 25 per cent to 40 per cent of his ad budgets on out-of-home advertising in the summer months, when Canadians are out and about and watching less TV. As the company is preparing for the release of the film, The American, he knows his ads need to reach large groups of people on the move. Annette Warring, chief executive officer of Vizeum Canada, Alliance Films’ advertising agency echoes these thoughts, “We spend a lot of time working with Alliance deciding who we need to target for a particular film.”

Advertisers want billboards that are placed where large groups of their target markets are, but billboards also need to be highly visible for both pedestrians and vehicle traffic. This means a desirable location, size, position, and lack of competing ads make a billboard a more effective advertising medium. Billboards that possess these criteria will earn building owners top dollar. Randy Otto, president of Vancouver based Pattison, says proximity of ads is just one zoning issue that can determine where billboards can be erected, and looks to maximize his advertising dollars based on these essential criterias.

Digital billboards can enhance desirability and visibility of ads, by rotating ads every 15 seconds, or projecting media onto a retail window at night, or even use audio to enrich the viewer’s experience. Nick Barbuto, vice-president of digital solutions at advertising agency Cossette, points to a 2007 billboard ad for Paranormal State, a ghost-themed television show. The ad used directional audio that aimed a chilling sound at passers-by.

Margaret Burnside, vice-president of marketing at Alliance, likes digital billboards for this very reason. “As we get closer to a theatre opening, we can change that creative up so eyeballs viewing it will see something new and different every time,” she says, adding that live data can even be streamed into ads on digital billboards. Whether traditional or digital, every billboard can entice people to a website for an experience. “We want to drive people to the Web, where the intention is to get them to interact with the content and engage in the movie by doing things like watching the trailer,” says Ms. Warring.

Whether static, rotating, sound or animation enhanced, there is no doubt that billboard ads and other outdoor advertising are a popular and effective form of getting the message to market. In 2009, advertisers in Canada spent close to half a billion dollars on out-of-home advertising, including billboards, transit advertising and street furniture. In the United States, advertisers spent about $6-billion on these ad mediums.

Top 10 out-of-home advertisers in Canada in 2009

1. Telus Corp.
2. BCE Corp.
3. McDonald’s Corp.
4. Molson Coors Brewing Co.
5. Tim Hortons Inc.
6. Rogers Communications Inc.
7. Government of Canada
8. Provincial government lotteries
9. Labatt Breweries of Canada
10. Astral Media Inc.

Top 10 in the U.S.:

1. Verizon
2. McDonald’s Corp.
3. AT&T Corp.
4. Geico
5. Warner Bros Pictures
6. Coca-Cola Co.
7. PepsiCo. Inc.
8. State Farm Life Insurance Co.
9. Apple Inc.
10. MetroPCS Wireless Inc.

For more information on billboard advertising, visit our website: or call us toll free: 1-800-795-7525

by Jim Wannop

Sources: Nielsen Media Research, Outdoor Advertising Association of America


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