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Clean, Simple, Effective Advertising

Effective billboard design goes beyond making an ad look nice. Effective advertising captures your audiences attention while delivering a message as clear, concise, and creative as possible. A billboard is effective because of its ability to deliver a message creatively, making the specific ad campaign as unique and clear as it needs to be. Simplicity in design is the best possible means of achieving a digestible form of relevant information at lightning speed – this is where the beauty of billboards comes into play. As consumers we receive messages from advertising in quick form, especially when driving our vehicles; this message needs to be one that is clean, free of clutter, and captivating. There are endless possibilities in design with a 2D medium, it isn’t just about making the statement of “buy our product”, it is about finding a way to connect your consumer with the content of your ad in a creatively direct way.

Billboards can turn a blank canvas into a cleverly balanced ad campaign by focusing on the effectiveness of strong, simple design – without saturation, bringing simplicity in advertising to its most effective height.

BCbillboards is a leader in the field of creating marketing opportunities that shine a spotlight on your business, campaign, or cause. The Okanagan is home to some of the most progressive businesses and industries in the country and BCbillboards is there to provide the opportunity to advertise with clarity to the consumers you need. Using a medium that is designed to deliver a message creatively and simply to thousands upon thousands of viewers, repeatedly, is an opportunity to succeed in the most memorable way.

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Creating a Successful Billboard Campaign

In order for a billboard to escape the saturated roadside advertisements and stand out as a memorable and unique ad campaign, there needs to be a difference that sets it apart. Creating a successful and effective billboard campaign depends on acquiring your audience’s attention and making your ad distinct, unique, and catchy enough to remember. Eye-catching ads are few and far between, most ad campaigns get lost with over saturation in the marketplace and end up losing impact and money. Creating an ad that a passerby won’t easily forget, and one that will bring your audience to you or your website, is going to make your ad campaign a worthwhile investment. Sometimes just a catchy campaign that directs or draws in the audience to your website is all it takes. In this age where most businesses have a website and most consumers look to a website address as the first point of reference for a business, it is more important than ever to provide the means to get there, and get there with style! In this way, your audience grows with your brand building.

In the Okanagan, BC, BCbillboards provides the opportunity to join creativity and effective ad campaign marketing with your business for a powerful and unique marketing experience. Making your ad campaign inviting, interesting, and accessible is one of our goals. Driving traffic to your business and to your website using one of the most effective marketing tools to build your brand is our job. We will provide a high-profile opportunity for your business to succeed and flourish in today’s over saturated market.

Throughout the Okanagan we provide high-quality billboards created with clarity and with your audience in mind; keeping tag lines creative, short, to the point, and memorable.

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From Cause to Campaign, We Have you Covered

At this time, the BC election is in full swing, and many eyes are targeting signs on roadways and highways lining the Okanagan roads. From the small hand constructed signs to large billboard signs, campaign advertising with many different mediums is prevalent within elections of our day. Whether we like it or not, our eyes are drawn to the names we recognize, and the colors of the political party that have come to symbolize our beliefs or our frustrations. This attention on the signage orchestrated on the highways and city roads of BC are an example of how billboard advertising companies like BCbillboards demands and fulfills attention by passersby in cars, on bikes, or on foot. Billboard advertising is used around the world in a variety of forums, and for a variety of purposes. From advertising for a company to advertising for a philosophy or a cause, billboards get our attention, and their effect is undeniable. Campaign advertising in BC covers every media opportunity from TV to radio to billboards, and the messages can be clear, bold, and effective.

An advantage to using billboards for your advertising campaign is the traffic that advertising on billboards brings to your advertising campaign. Billboard advertising is indisputably one of the farthest reaching, cost effective, most creative ways to garner attention for your campaign. are experts at creating graphic-oriented, concise, interesting, creative billboards for your campaign or cause. Compared to every other form of advertising, billboard advertising is hands down the most cost effective, farthest reaching means of advertising available to you. In Kelowna, BC, a billboard will be seen by over a million people in one month. BCbillboards gives you the brand building you need to turn views into sales for your business.

Contact  and start building your brand today.

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The Street is your Canvas

BCbillboards offers businesses an opportunity to use the street as an advertising canvas. There is no better advertising option than billboards, with an ability to make an impact while creating a memorable statement for your business, at the best cost. Kelowna, B.C. is a city which is quickly growing in population and in business development, which means a greater audience with breakthrough opportunities for your business through powerful means of advertising. BCbillboards leads the way to advertising in the right places with branding advice, campaign strategy, and superior ad design. BCbillboards has been a leader in helping local businesses in the Okanagan design bold images that produce results.

Design in advertising begins with contacting BCbillboards with your business campaign. BCbillboards has many years of experience designing billboards, and will help you create the campaign you want, with results you need, and the bold, fresh, progressive design criteria that will attract undeniable attention.

Billboards have come a long way from the expensive paint, vinyl decals, and lettering that was once the common practice of creating billboards. Now, we have the capability to do be more creative, to be smarter with advertising, than ever before. We can add photos and artwork, we can change text and colour and size by a pressing key on a computer. We can contain any graphic we want and display it, in Kelowna, to over 100,000 views a day. Let us help you design your canvas.

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Get Creative

Getting creative with your billboard advertising campaign is the key to success in this field. Whether being creative means adopting an entertaining and surprising billboard display, or taking the route of a more minimalist approach , the most successful billboard advertising campaigns are also the most creative. The idea is to stand out with your billboard, being creative in order to catch the fleeting attention of your public. Being in a domain where competition is the key, creativity is of the utmost importance.

Kelowna BC is a hub of activity all year round, and will provide a creative approach for your business. Tens of thousands of people will see your billboard every day. Keeping the billboard interesting, easy to understand, and eye-catching is important so that your target audience will remember it.

The ideal location of Kelowna, and the Okanagan, offers limitless possibilities for your billboard to stand out above the crowd. The high density of viewers in Kelowna makes billboard advertising the furthest reaching, least expensive type of advertising possible in this market.  BCbillboards will design a billboard that will catch the undivided attention of your audience. Up to 60,000 viewers per day will capture your billboard campaign. Step outside your boundaries, think outside the box. BCbillboards will help you get there.

For more information on billboard advertising, visit our website: or call us toll free:             1-800-795-7525

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