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Why Choose for your Billboard Needs?

Finding the right billboard company to meet all of your needs for your advertising campaign can and should be found in one company. There are many aspects to designing a billboard that make it effective, eye-catching, and worth your money. At BCbillboards we provide our customers with an exceptional business experience, making your time and financial investment a priority with what we do. We have the least expensive locations, with the highest number of views in Canada. Our experts will help you build your brand and your campaign strategy whether you are a small business or an established business. Building your brand with visual information that is concise, creative, and makes an impression upon the viewer is how we will attract attention to your ad campaign and keep it there. We are on your side, working for you, and helping you produce results – including graphic design and production of the ad. This is our specialty. Rest assured, your ad campaign will have the advantage of experts in the field creating your ad.

We have billboard placement throughout the Okanagan Valley, including the areas of Kelowna, West Kelowna, Osoyoos, Oliver, Penticton, South Okanagan, North Okanagan Vernon, Enderby, and along Hwy 97 & Hwy 3. The billboards in these areas have high-impact, high viewings throughout the year.

Our billlboards are engineered for safety and strength; being durable and able to withstand the elements in all seasons is necessary. BCbillboards also has a quick turnaround time. Your image will be installed in less than two weeks from the time your ad is ready. We will be honest and help you design successful, bold images that work. Consulting is free of charge, your business is important to us, and we want to earn it!

Contact BCbillboards today to get a quote on a billboard for your business campaign.


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Why Kelowna B.C. is the best advertising deal in the country

Where can you have close to 100,000 people see your ad for less than $25/day?
If you guessed Kelowna B.C. you are correct. When taking into account traffic numbers, Billboard rates in the Central Okanagan are some of the lowest in the country. Compare these traffic counts and rates:

Hwy 97 – West Kelowna near Boucherie Rd.   August daily impressions 100,000
Billboard cost – $725/month or less than $25.00/day

Spadina Ave. – Toronto August daily impressions 48,000
Billboard cost – $16,000/month or more than $530.00/day

Toronto is over 20 times the cost for about 1 /2 the exposure. If you are selling Rolex you may want to be in Toronto… but if you are Tim Horton’s the market consumer is the same . There is approx 1.6 of them per car. Imagine you are a family restaurant in Kelowna wanting to use outdoor advertising. After your initial print, production and design charges (less than $1500) your monthly cost is a fraction of the cost of other cities to reach a greater number of people.

Book your space early and negotiate a renewal option. This will guarantee you a fixed rate and the well located space that you want. It costs you nothing to be on the waiting list for the best billboard space.

For more information on billboard advertising, visit our website: or call us toll free: 1-800-795-7525

By Jim Wannop

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