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Billboards and Social Media

Marketing with billboards is a diverse, powerful, and versatile means to advertise and build your company brand. Now, more than ever, there are limitless possibilities to bring traffic to your place of business – including your website or social media page. Most businesses and causes within the Okanagan have a website and a social media page to compliment their business growth; marketing these online sources is easy to do with a BC billboard campaign.

Connecting with consumers can be a challenge when you only have a few seconds to grab their attention with an informative billboard for your ad campaign. A web address is quickly becoming one of the easiest ways for a customer to contact your business; therefore, outdoor billboards partnered with a website is a surefire way to increase traffic to your site and business. Website addresses are often easy to remember and simple for the driver passing your billboard to access for later.

Engaging consumers by providing them with the means to remember your ad campaign and your name is vital to the growth of your social media campaign as well. The social media sites that power your business are fuelled by the online traffic brought to your website or page by the ¬†search for your business – it’s a circle of connection – one aspect powering the other – bringing you and your business the benefits of your brand being recognized and easily found within the online community. Driving past a billboard and seeing a clearly defined website address is a precursor to being able to search the name and find the website and social media pages. This action on the part of the linked-in consumer brings views from thousands of secondary consumers, and generates hits for your online campaigns. It is a powerful, yet simple step to take in the modern way of building a brand and attracting attention to your unique business.

Businesses widely spread throughout the Okanagan have benefited from this diverse creation of opportunity – marketing their websites on popular highways through Kelowna, Osoyoos, and Enderby; and throughout the beautiful cities of Pentiction, Oliver, and West Kelowna. Representing your business with a BC billboards ad campaign is deciding to put the wheels in motion for building your brand and taking advantage of the connectedness of the new world of social media and technology gains.

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The Power of Billboards and Your Website

Today, the most powerful medium for attaining or dispensing information is through the internet. Today:s generation has been brought up on it, previous generations are just as skilled and apt at weaving their way through it, and the upcoming generation will make its’ claim on it through every sort of device imaginable. At your every reach there is a possibility of connecting to what is right in front of you, or what is thousands of miles away. It has become our home base, our place of community, knowledge, and freedom. And when it is also our place of business, the need to inspire traffic to our business website is undeniable.

Web traffic to your site is crucial to your business prospering in this day and age, you need it to grow, to develop, to stay afloat within the world of technologically fuelled success. Finding new ways to reach millions of people very quickly, has been the business of billboard advertising for decades. Now, with the internet, billboards make it even easier to get the traffic you need to your website.

One of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website is through billboard advertising. It takes but a moment for someone to register a website address, in fact, it is what your customers will look for. Driving, biking, or walking past a billboard with a catchy look and a website address will be successful in branding your business in the most simple, yet effective way.

Kelowna, and the Okanagan in general, has a strong business community. We strive to enhance our community with a prevailing sense of local support. Placing a billboard through within the Kelowna area will bring not only more support to your business, but will also drive the community-minded customers to your website. Making a statement by proclaiming a simple web address for a local business can make all the difference to your success.

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